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-20 Questions-

with Jonas



1. DVD or Movie Theater?

People tend to not always show respect at the cinema. So preferably DVD.


2. Moshpit or Wall of Death?

Moshpit. Naturally.


3. Pizza or Hamburger?

Nothing beats a good burger! But I'm talking real burgers here, not the fast food ones!


4. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Altough both series are great and since I'm a big fan of both! I'd still have to go with Star Wars.


5. Club or Festival?

It depends. I'd say both.


6. Beer or Wine?

Also depends on the ocation. But I'd say beer.


7. Donald Trump or Stefan Lövfen?

Haha! None please.


8. In Flames or Soilwork?

Hard one. But I'd have to go with Soilwork.


9. Singalong or Breakdown?

Why not both at the same time? ;)


10. Studio or Touring?

Touring! Making music in the studio is fun but gets repetative and boring fast. The stage is my home of choice!


11. Family Guy or South park?

Another hard one! But because I have to pick just one. I'd say South park.


12. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs! Cats are too evil, even for me!


13. Facebook or Instagram?

Instagram. There is usually less whining about weather and politics there. Too many food pictures though.


14. Download/Stream or CD/Vinyl?

Nowadays it's mostly streaming or download for my part. But if a CD's good it's good! Support your favourite bands kids!


15. Football or Hockey?

Hockey! All days of the week! I can't stand that thing called ”Soccer” haha.


16. Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead?

Damn! Hard choice. I'd say SoA.


17. Metallica or Iron Maiden?

These questions are getting ridiculous haha. Since the new Metallica album just got out and is beyond awesome. I'd say Metallica baby!


18. Spiderman or Batman?

Batman of course! Not the one with George Clooney though!


19. Tea or Coffee?

I like both. But I don't function properly without one of them. So coffee.


20. Past or Future?

Future! Always look forward and make tomorrow a better day than the day before!

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