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-20 Questions-

with Andreas



1. Meshuggah or The Dillinger Escape Plan?

Meshuggah, I have to go with the swedes. Close call.



2. Studio or Touring?

Touring. Can't wait to get out to the clubs!



3. Family Guy or Metalocalypse?

Metalocalypse. Better music.



4. Jim Beam or Jack Daniels?

Jim. To go with my whiskey sour.



5. Blastbeats or Fills?

Blastbeats. Fast, faster, fastest.



6. Drums or Girls?

Drums. I call my drums be a girls name. And beat it.



7. McDonalds or Burger King?

McDonalds. Better fries



8. Donald Trump or Stefan Löfven?

Löfven. He's a worthless mute, but somehow better than the fat racist.



9. Party or Gym?

Gym. My favorite bar's there.



10. Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

Breaking bad. Every day in the week.



11. Homecooked or Restaurant?




12. Metallica or Iron Maiden?

Metallica. One of the worst drummers in the world but. Still more aggressive than




13. Whiskey or Beer?

Beer. In bulk.



14. Lift weights or Bash drums?

Gotta do them both.



15. Apple or Samsung?

Samsung. Yep



16. Club or Festival?




17. Book or Movie?




18. Moshpit or Wall of death?

Moshpit. Pit of zombies



19. Football or Hockey?

Hockey. Of course.



20. Past or Future?

Future. Gotta be optimistic, it can't get any worse.

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